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Fixation Systems


MIS single use instrument set: BAMBOO®


BAMBOO® is a sterile MIS single use instrument set, created for surgeries with the percutaneous evospine® fixation system. Go for maximum safety for your patients at a minimum expense. No instrument sterilization needed. Just dispose the instruments after surgery or give it back to us to recycle. All these and many other features are combined in the small and handy box with only 1100g of weight.

Bamboo screw.png

Rapidfix Pedicle Screw System

  • Reduction Tulips for easy set screw insertion

  • Low-Profile System

  • Easy Lock System

  • Cannulated

  • Fenestrated for Cement Injection

  • Cylindrical feature Self-Tapping

  • Low cost for your hospital

rfix 1.jpeg

Interbody Cages


3D Printed Titanium Lumbar cages

Uniquely shaped carving guides for:

controlled insertion & precise placement;

supreme primary stability;

enlargement of load bearing surfaces;

prevention against migration & expulsion;

“Banana shape” for best anatomical matching;

Meets “Zero profile” and “Stand alone” standards;

“Banana shape” for best anatomical matching;

Specially designed 3D-Truss Ti structure:

minimal volume of titanium;

more than 65% space for bone ingrowth;


ELIF- Expandable 3D printed Cage
Sterile Instruments.

Distraction can be controlled to recover disc height and maintain sagittal balance;

The height is adjustable and the lowest insertion height reduces the impaction force on vertebra and preserves musculoskeletal composition;

3 & 8 degree Lumbar Lordosis;

Parallel distraction ensures stronger stability and optimizes endplate-to-endplate fit;

3D porous endplates and Ti-alloy material promote better bone fusion

Suitable for PLIF, TLIF and MIS TILF; No posterior compression saves surgery time

Cost efective

C's Disc 3d Printed ACDF Cage

efuse expanded.jpg
efuse d.jpg

Cs·DISC” is designed for surgical treatment of cervical spine. Its task is restoration of natural intervertebral space and reconstruction and/or maintenance of cervical lordosis.

4-10mm Heights convex With or Without Lordosis

Cs Disc convex.jpg

Kyphoplasty & Biologics


Tracker™ System for Kyphoplasty

Tracker™ is a comprehensive system that provides ability to restore vertebral height and to correct angular deformity due to vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) using orthopaedic balloons. This intuitive design ensures an efficient and streamlined procedural sequence.



Mixing and injection system for cementoplasty, vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.

S5® M  kit is designed for mixing and injecting acrylic bone cements.

Advantages :

• Mixing & transfer without any fume
• Handling without any contact  with the cement
• Injection allowed from outside of the X-ray beams



A synthetic alternative to autologous spongy bone – mouldable, hydrostable and osteoinductive



A synthetic alternative to autologous spongy bone – mouldable, hydrostable and Osteoinductive.

NanoBone  is a clinically-proven bone graft substitute that's unique in its ability to harness the body’s own capacity to heal bone. NanoBone consists of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite dispersed in an amorphous silica gel matrix.




Le U Interspinous Stabilisation

Implanted after decompression surgery of lumbar canal stenosis and also when the facet joints are arthritic. Le U stabilizes the segment and preserves its flexibility. Patients quickly regain both their flexibility as well their stability.


ISaF - Sacro Illiac Fusion

ISaF is designed for surgical treatment of various sacroiliac joint conditions incl. sacrolitis and sacroiliac joint disruptions

Scoliosis & Deformity


GSS™  Early Onset Scoliosis 

Growing Rod System

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