PANGO Ⅱ Expandable Cage (TI+3D)

PANGO Ⅱ is one Lumbar Fusion Cage system, indicated for:

●Degenerative lumbar vertebral instability;

●Lumbar disc herniation or Lumbar Stenosis;

●Patients get post-surgical lumbar vertebral instability, while simultaneously need posterior pedicle screw fixation treatment;

●Patients suffer from lumbar discogenic pain and are restricted to anterior surgery;

●Patients get lumbar spondylolisthesis while simultaneously need spinal canal decompression and reduction fixation treatment



 ●Distraction can be controlled to recover disc height and maintain sagittal balance;

 ●The height is adjustable and the lowest insertion height reduces the impaction force on vertebra and preserves musculoskeletal composition;

 3 & 8 degree Lumbar Lordosis;

 ●Parallel distraction ensures stronger stability and optimizes endplate-to-endplate fit;

 ●3D porous endplates and Ti-alloy material promote better bone fusion

 ●Suitable for PLIF,TLIF and MISTILF; No posterior compression saves surgery time.

pango 2.png