Rethink tulip.


The PASS TULIP™ top-loading thoraco-lumbar fixation system is the latest addition to Medicrea’s

PASS® (PolyAxial Spine System) platform. Medicrea’s proprietary PASS technology enables the screws to maintain their polyaxiality even when completely buried into the bone due to its inverted design. This sets Medicrea’s screws apart from almost all other major screws on the market.





Convert it from a polyaxial to a variable fixed-angle screw in one repeatable and reversible step.

Flush Screw Seating

Better bone to screw interface, while maintaining full polyaxial motion of the screw head. Ideal for compromised bone.

Cortical-Cancellous Thread

Enhanced purchase for both cancellous and cortical bon



Torque Calibrated Breakaway Setscrew

Ease of insertion and final tightening security.


CoCr Head Fits Both 5.5 & 6.0mm Rods

Versatility in the operating room with no headsplay.


Dual Lead Shank

Faster screw insertion.


Fully Threaded, Self-Tapping Tip

Accurate placement within the pedicle.

Innovative Spinal  Implants