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Balloon Kyphoplasty system

Tracker™ is a comprehensive system that provides ability to restore vertebral height and to correct angular deformity due to vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) using orthopaedic balloons. This intuitive design ensures an efficient and streamlined procedural sequence.


TRACKER™– P: Inflatable Bone Expander Syringe

  • 20ml disposable device with an integral pressure gauge, threaded piston assembly with a handle, a flexible high pressure extension tube.

  • 20ml locking syringe for transfer of contrast media.

  • Three-way valve for medium pressure.

  • Designed to generate and monitor pressures over a range of 0 to 24.6 ATM (0 to 350 PSI).

TRACKER™– X: Balloon Catheter

  • Treating vertebral compression fractures with TRACKER™ – P.

  • Designed for conventional bone tamps for the reduction of fractures and/or creation of a void in cancellous bone in the spine during balloon Kyphoplasty.

  • 3 different lengths – 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm.


GS TRACKER™– I: Cement Dispenser Kit

  • Designed for percutaneous access to bone and delivery of bone cement.

  • Three cement pusher / filler

  • one spacer

  • one cannula

  • one expander

  • one needle pin

  • one needle pipe

  • one troca type wire-pin

  • one round type wire-pin.

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