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A new application of ”3D-Truss-Ti” spatial mesh

SLIF” (straight Lumbar Interbody Fusion) implant combines the fusion enhancing features of the ”3D-Truss-Ti” structure together with the precision of insertion and placement provided by the unique “anchoring guides”.

It belongs to the CarLIF family – a group of implants made with ”3D-Truss-Ti” Electron Beam Technology (EBT) – which under LfC have been used for the first time in history to manufacture spinal implants.

The above-mentioned implants constitute significant progress to spine surgery due to their respective functions related to new trends in spine treatments:

”Bridging of spine” with ”3D-Truss-Ti” spatial construction.



    • Uniquely shaped anchoring guides for:

      • controlled insertion & precise placement;

      • supreme primary stability;

      • enlargement of load bearing surfaces;

      • prevention against migration & expulsion;

    • Anatomical ”bullet” shape:

      • smooth insertion;

    • Specially designed 3D-Truss Ti structure:

      • minimal volume of titanium;

      • more than 65% space for bone ingrowth;

      • light & strong construction;

      • high load bearing capacity;

      • surfaces of ”3D-Truss” elements susceptible to osteointegration;

      • superior bony fusion;

      • Lengths 25 & 28mm

      • Heights 8-13mm

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