Moldable Bone Graft Substitute

Building on Biomatlante’s core MBCP® Technology, In’Oss™ is an innovative and moldable bone graft, composed of Hydroxyapatite (HA), Beta Tricalcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) and a hydrogel.
Developed to facilitate handling during bone grafting procedures, In’Oss™ can fit into different grafting sites.
In’Oss™ keeps the original graft shape and bone volume. It is gradually absorbed to be replaced by vital architectured bone.








MBCP® Technology’s Key Features

  •  Osteoconductive

  •  Molecular mixture of HA and TCP

  •  70% porosity, similar to cancellous bone

  •  Bioactive

  •  Macroporosity

  •  Microporosity

  •  Safe

  • 2.5, 5 & 10cc

Synthetic with hydrogel - Developed on MBCP Technology: Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (HA/β-TCP) + hydrogel

Developed to facilitate handling - Keeps the original graft shape and bone volume

Global Porosity - Interconnected network that enables the colonization of bone cells and biological fluid uniformly within the matrix.

Macroporosity >100µm average - Macropores are a network of interconnected spaces that promote the biological infiltration and cellular colonization by osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

Microporosity <10 µm -Micropores are the intercrystalline spaces where dissolution and recrystallisation occurs.

Osteoconductive - Provides a matrix for new bone growth

Bioactive - For ionic exchange: TCP dissolution and bone crystal precipitation create newly bioactive interface with bone cells.