GlassBone® Injectable Putty

Injectable putty for bone regeneration

Inspired by an innovative and reliable technology, GlassBone injectable putty is indicated in dental surgeries.

Composed of bioactive glass 45S5 and a polymer, it is 100% synthetic and completely assimilable by the body.

Bioactive Glass is made of silicium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus minerals, which are naturally presents in the human body and ensure excellent biocompatibility and osteoconduction.

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GlassBone injectable putty is composed of bioactive glass 45S5 and a polymer. This composite technology allows it to be very easily malleable and applicable in the most complex defects. It is sold packaged in syringe, ready to use


GlassBone® injectable putty provides surgeons and patients with optimal safety during implantation for a natural and effective bone regeneration.

GlassBone® injectable putty is developed and manufactured in France with local partners to ensure optimum quality.

Spinal Fusion
Prosthesis Revision

Indications and recommendations

Glassbone® injectable putty, a synthetic and bioactive bone substitute, is indicated for bone substitution, to fill, rebuild and fuse bone defects, when autologous solutions are not applicable or sufficient, pending the regeneration of new bone.

Filling bone defects in orthopedic surgery:

  • All Spinal Fusions

  • Filling bone defects after tumor resection,

  • Vertebral Arthrodesis

  • Prosthesis revision

  • Traumatology

  • Tibia Osteotomy

Filling bone defects in oral and cranio maxillofacial surgery:

  • Periodontal / infrabony defects

  • Ridge augmentation

  • Filling tooth sockets for ridge maintenance following extraction

  • Filling bone defects such as cyst or dental granuloma

  • Sinus floor augmentation

GlassBone® Granules

  • Application directly from the applicator, no preparation, nothing to add.

  • QD is particularly suitable for minimally invasive procedures due to the narrow applicator (outer diameter 8 mm).