UNiD patient-specific rods include the most current clinical data and software development along with the latest in personalized production and industrialization to revolutionize how spine surgery is performed. UNiDTM rods provide surgeons a very precise surgical method, supporting better patient care and improved economic outcomes

Surgeons can now be certain of implanting spinal fusion rods that are precisely adapted to the patient because UNiD rods are personalized and accurately curved using a design established by the surgeon during the pre-operative planning phase.

Elimination of need to manually contour a rod during surgery: No more intraoperative use of a bending device, which creates indentations, or notches, in the rod. Such notches are an acknowledged cause of rods breaking postoperatively, which can occur in patients, especially adults with severe spinal deformities

It allows surgeons to plan and then execute their operating strategy without compromises or approximation errors.

It reduces the amount of time patients spend in the operating room, which directly impacts infection rate and quality of recovery.

It improves their success rate in terms of global sagittal patient alignment. With the free UNiD application in the Surgimap software, spine surgeons have access to the most recent scientific data available on the parameters necessary to determine and restore sagittal alignment for each patient.

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