Cervical disc prosthesis, sterile and pre-assembled on disposable inserter.

GRANVIA®-C is a new generation ceramic cervical disc, fully MRI compatible,

respecting all the differentiated centers of rotation.



Full MRI compatibility: metal-free ceramic prosthesis > no MRI artifacts

Respect of natural kinematics: unconstrained prosthesis with 6 degrees of freedom

Integrated shock absorber: compressible ring integrated in the mobile insert

Best friction couple on the market ensuring wear resistance and durability of the disc over time

Optimum stability: anatomical design of the endplates with anti back out chevrons for primary anchorage and surface processing of the endplates with micro-reliefs for optimum osseointegration

Ease of use: ready to insert prosthesis delivered preassembled on disposable holder – « No touch» technique
100% sterile, including instrumentation



  • 3 components : 2 endplates and a mobile insert combining spherical and cylindrical articular surfaces with an integrated shock absorber

  • Differentiated centers of rotation, with AP self-positioning capability

  • Anatomical shape adapted to the vertebral endplates.



  • Metal free

  • Ceramic endplates and core (Zirconia)

  • PEEK Optima® shock absorber .


Complete range:


  • 3 sizes: 15*13mm, 17*14mm, 20*15mm

  • 4 heights: 4.3 -5-6-7mm

  • 1 color code per size.




  • Sterile delivered implants

  • Prosthesis pre-assembled on disposable color coded inserter.

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