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LockDown™ provides fixation following AC separation due to coraco-clavicular ligament disruption.

• Unique device to address common problem in upper limb surgery,
• Over 4500 implantations, over a 10 year period across international markets,
• Strong construct: 1730 N tensile strength,
• Double braided polyester ligament with patented weave which acts as a scaffold, encouraging soft tissue in-growth,
• Designed with soft loop at one end to resist coracoid process wear,
• Allows natural rotation and movement of the clavicle,
• Early mobilization at 2 weeks and quick rehabilitation: sling @ 2/52, light sports @ 8/52 & contact sport @ 12/52,
• Quick and simple procedure,
• Simple instrumentation for reproducible results,
• Quick and simple compared to other procedures


• Acromio-clavicular dislocation (acute & chronic).
• Rockwood Type III, IV & V acromio-clavicular joint injury.
• Lateral clavicle fractures.
• Failure of a previous stabilisation procedure such as a failed Weaver Dunn.


1. Insufficient quantity or quality of bone
2. Blood supply limitations and previous infections, which may tend to retard healing.
3. Foreign-body sensitivity. Where material sensitivity is suspected, appropriate tests should be made and sensitivity ruled out prior to implantation.
4. Any active infection.
5. Conditions which tend to limit the patient's ability or willingness to restrict activities or follow directions during the healing period.
6. The use of this device may not be suitable for patients with insufficient or immature bone. The physician should carefully assess bone quality before performing orthopaedic surgery on patients who are skeletally immature. The use of this medical device and the placement of hardware or implants must not bridge, disturb, or disrupt the growth plate.
7. Do not use for surgeries other than those indicated.

Note: Chronic = 4 weeks from injury

LockDownTiger Medical is proud to supply LockDown™ to selected UK hospitals.